What is the Flowing with Your Rainbow Course?

A 10-week transformational course for your soul's evolution. The course is designed for you to find and live your soul's purpose with joy and fulfillment.

We are all born with harmonious full-spectrum colors of a rainbow aura. I saw it when my daughter was born. However, along the process we call "growing up", we tend to forget about it. This course is packed with spiritual knowledge, tools, and practices designed to bring you back to the wholeness of who you truly is.

The Flowing with Your Rainbow Course

Preliminary Syllabus:

Week 1: Introduction to Aura & Subtle Energies.
The Aura Colorwheel: Identify your Soul Gifts, Wounds, and Lessons. Chakras, Layers of Life, Five Meditation Techniques, and cultivate a daily practice, Kundalini, Spiritual Awakening Process.

Week 2: Red Rainbow: Root Chakra.
Knowledge of Ayurveda, Fengshui, Karmic, and Ancestral Healing. Karmic Healing and Ancestral Healing practices and guided meditations.

Week 3: Orange Rainbow: Sacral Chakra.
Living with Nature's Cycles (Wheel of the Year, Moon phases, days of the week), Emotional Healing, Healthy Relationships, Creativity, and Joy.

Week 4: Yellow Rainbow: Solar Plexus Chakra.
Self-identity, acceptance, and empowerment are key to Yellow Aura healing. Major spiritual self-discovery tools are synthesized in this chapter: western astrology, Vedic astrology, Chinese Zodiac, Fengshui birth element and Kua number, Numerology, Human Design, Enneagram, and Gene Keys.

Week 5: Green Rainbow: Heart Chakra.
Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Theta Healing for Limiting Beliefs, Self-Love, and Self-Compassion.

Week 6: Blue Rainbow: Throat Chakra,
Conscious Communication to Self, Others, and the Divine, Divination Tools, Sound Healing (Solfeggio Frequencies and Binaural Beats).

Week 7: Violet Rainbow:Third Eye Chakra.
Psychic abilities (the Clairs, channeling, precognition, astral projection, telepathy, automatic writing, energy healing), Seeing and sensing subtle energies. .

Week 8: White Rainbow: Crown Chakra.
Council of Light, Connecting with your council of light, guardian angels, and spirit guides.

Week 9: Copper Rainbow: Earth Star and Gaia Gateway Chakra.
Past life regression, Akashic Records, and recollecting soul memories and lost fragments of ourselves. Wisdom of the earth, Crystal Healing, Earth spirits: plants, fairies, animals. The matrix of early consciousness. The underworld of Shamanism.

Week 10: Crystalline Rainbow: Soul Star and Stella Gateway Chakra.
Soul connections, higher purpose, angels of ancient wisdom. Source connection, star power, connection to the multi-dimensional quantum field. Astral travel. Spiritual practices to remember your soul family, and cosmic star origins.


Sandra R. 

"What I love most about Helen is her holistic approach, which is something that is reflected in the course Flowing with Your Rainbow, and the variety of spiritual and healing tools that she uses and includes in each of the modules (meditations, yoga poses, journaling, crystals, cards, essential oils, herbs, flowers, fengshui, affirmations, sounds, mantras, etc.). I like it a lot also the variety of exercises and activities that she includes so we can practice and internalize the energy of each chakra. It is being very helpful and I am learning a lot about myself; in each unit I have all the resources I need to deepen in my inner work in a different level. Helen is really great at what she does, and also she is very committed and fun. I am very glad that I met her and that I am doing this excellent course!"

Esther T.

"Helen is an excellent crystal healer, artist, intuitive spiritual coach, and Fengshui expert. She is professional, highly educated, and up to date on so many spiritual modalities. A generous, compassionate, and highly intuitive person, whose main mantra is self-love and trust in yourself & the universe. I credit Helen with shifts in my personal development. During our work together, I always felt safe, loved, and supported. I highly recommend her as a crystal healer and more, especially for women who find themselves at the crossroads of their life. With patience and love, Helen will guide you toward the light. My experience with Helen is enlightening.”

Kaliisa C.

"After my first class with Helen Plehn, positive changes began to happen in my life. Her soulful energy and wisdom has helped me begin a daily practice of meditation. Helen is a visionary person, and her talent for healing and creativity is a gift to others."

Course Pricing

Choose Your Rainbow


Introduction to Aura & Subtle Energies.

One Aura Layer
(2-week course)

Flow with Your Rainbow

4 Interest-free installment plan available.

Introduction to Aura & Subtle Energies.

All Aura Layers
(10-week course)

Course + Private Coaching

4 Interest-free installment plan available.

Introduction to Aura & Subtle Energies.

All Aura Layers
(10-week course)

8-hour private coaching time with Helen

Fengshui Birth Element and Reading