What is Your Soul Aura Color?

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What is the  Aura Color Wheel™?

Your Soul Aura Color consists of your Soul Gift Archetype, 1 Major Soul Wound, and 3 Soul Lessons.

What is Aura Color?

Your Aura Color is a 3-dimensional egg-shaped electromagnetic energy field around your body.

Everything on earth radiates energy. Energy is information that vibrates. Everyone's energy is vibrating in different amplitude and frequencies, thus corresponding with different color waves or the aura colors that surround us.

At its most radiant and strong, the aura can reach outward to an extended arm span around the body. This spiritual bioenergetic aura field varies in size and density under different conditions.

There are seven layers of one’s aura field powered by the seven chakras (the 7 main energy centers along our spine) as shown here.

Soul Gift Archetypes

1. Yellow+Violet=Visionary
2. Yellow+Blue= Entrepreneur
3. Yellow+Green=Healer
4. Orange+Violet=Artist
5. Orange+Blue=Reformer
6. Orange+Green=Entertainer 
7. Red+Violet=Researcher
8. Red+Blue=Teacher
9. Red+Green=Warrior

The aura layer powered by the crown chakra is not included here. Its predominant aura color is white. People will radiate this aura color after they've healed their Soul Wounds and learned their Soul Lessons. Combining their Soul Gifts' aura colors, their aura color becomes mostly white. These are the souls who have awakened and led a conscious lifestyle to maintain their aura health.

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The Aura Color Wheel™


Your Soul Aura Color
1 Soul Gift Archetype (2 aura layers)
1 Major Soul Wound
3 Soul Lessons

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