Hello, I am Helen Plehn, the Creator of the Rainbow Aura Color Wheel

Helen Ye Plehn is an intuitive painter, crystal grid energy artist, third-generation Fengshui master, certified crystal healer, certified Yoga and meditation instructor, and spiritual teacher. She is also an Ayurveda practitioner, Vedic astrologer, Theta healer, angelic channeler, and passionate Flamenco dancer.

Helen's spiritual awakening happened in 2010 after a psychiatric ER visit due to severe anxiety and depression. Through her 12 years of daily meditation practice, spiritual wisdom learning, and a deep quest for her soul's purpose and happiness, she founded Helen Creates Beauty LLC. to offer her soul's gifts. She is highly clairvoyant and sees colors as energy. As a professional artist working with colors on a daily basis, combining colorful art, Fengshui interior design, and different holistic healing modalities, Helen helps her clients to find and live their purposes with joy and fulfillment.

Helen was born in Guangzhou, China, raised in Hong Kong, and now calls Huntington Beach, California home. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology and social work from Nanjing University in China, a master's degree in interior architecture and design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and has published three academic peer-review articles and four conference proceedings during her Ph.D. studies in tourism and hospitality management at Temple University in Philadelphia. At the time her research area was human sensory experience design.

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